Academic conferences / Study groups

Our number of technical case presentations related to mouthpiece correction is the largest in Japan. We also contribute to training and study sessions.
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Contributing to training and study groups by presenting the largest number of technical cases related to mouthpiece correction in Japan

As a corporate member of the Japan Mouthpiece Orthodontic Study Group, we actively participate, support, give presentations and host workshops.

We have top-class experience in domestic technical cases.
By providing the data and research results, we are contributing to the improvement of the knowledge, research and technical level of the members.

【About Japan Mouthpiece Orthodontic Study Group】
Our mission is to establish standard treatment for mouthpiece correction as well as combination orthodontics using wire and mouthpiece.
●Basic knowledge training for mouthpiece and combination orthodontics
● Case study meeting
● Research presentation
● Technical workshop
● Study session for training hygienists and dental coordinators
● Compliance study sessions such as advertising in accordance with laws and regulations, contracts in accordance with the Special Commercial Code, and creation of regulations for infectious disease prevention

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